Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sultan flower

There happens to be a turtle named Dennis who has a town on top of his shell. the town is composed of tall buildings and fire escapes.  A guy on mushrooms jumps off of a building and lands on top of a girl's cigarette ash as the ash is on its way down to the turtle shell floor.  The ash that the guy jumps on to cushions the, what would have been harsh, landing for the young man.  Dennis the Turtle is on his way to a bar that has a ukulele open mic night.  He is still learning ukulele though.  Therefore he is still not ready, confident, nor prepared enough to be able to make his debut-open-mic-night-performance yet.  Do you think that Dennis the Turtle will be ready soon?

I can put a bunch of crushed up fall leaves into that lady's Mui Mui bag if you let me papa!

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