Thursday, February 24, 2011


a drop, drops down on a spot on my skin,
the drop is making me grin on my chin.

a grape drops down, from a vine, on the ground,
on the ground there's a grape that just fell from the vine.

on my skin i combined from the sun that grew root,
to the vine it grew fruit that i squashed with my foot.

i always wanted a peom just like you,
a poem that tells everything in your mind.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last night my dream consisted of a machine that was given to me for the purpose of listening to every single music media type that has ever been invented. I was sad to not find the machine when I woke up this morning.  I even grabbed my records to listen to them but something else in the dream distracted me from playing the vinyls.

Also in the dream, I began singing Eleanor Rigby and a crowd of children began singling along with me.  When that occurred, my vision began to soar forward into another dimension.  When my vision finally reached the dimension, I noticed that a male school teacher was reciting the events of my dream to a classroom of elementary school children, from a book.

That concludes my dream.