Monday, July 12, 2010

My Sick Duck

Marching and arching my back,
Elastic plastic sticky like tac,
Dynastic like Blake,
Planet Fantastic & great,
bendable gymnastic traits,
jump up and down like an ape,
my ape friend argo took me out on a date,
he thought the most romantic spot would be by the side of the lake,
out of the picnic basket he pulled out a big sweet potato cake,
my heart started to shake,
the lake froze over and argo pulled in for a skate,
then downwards came flakes,
the really fluffy ones and sweet like frosting sting spring fling kiss dance swing,
swing like a door and my clothes have so much color youre basically asking for an eye sore,
like a pterodactyl I SOAR causing so much mystery you're inclined to explore,
spread out on the floor like blueprints of the brain scan of my flawless rapping rapport,
i'm tree sapping the floor,
picking up heavy rocks just to show you how much weight my muscles support,
and you know i got tons because the golden plates installed on the walls of my lungs.

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